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Mon Dec 07, 2015 1:23 pm by Tapsilog

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The Half-Eaten Sandwich

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The Half-Eaten Sandwich

Post by Tapsilog on Mon Dec 07, 2015 1:23 pm

I would like to share this true story of mine when i was a little child.

It all started back on my school days. It was recess time when all kids were at the cafeteria lining up for food. I'm a very nervous kid back then... Whenever people talk to me or my school crush approach in a distance it triggers this unsettling feeling inside myself more like i call it "cheekybloodblush" the reason why is my cheek turn soo that you can notice the veiny red on my face anyway and...

So there i was on the line with my crush was like three person ahead of me. It gave me the chills and my skin is tingling with excitement as i kept checking a glimpse of her hoping she notices me...
When I got my lunch i head through the table and found myself surrounded by kids i dindt knew and that time my focus is on her on other side of the table. She stared nibbling...

As her thick pink soft lips touches that banana she was munching as a trail of glittery saliva left on the tip I almost fainted on my seat, it was tempting for me to sit beside her but no i have to maintain my composure. Then she made a small chomp on this sandwich closing her eyes with a wink... i know for sure she was looking at me that time... After that she looked at her watch and quickly left her lunch,

I left my untouched food... and walk towards her loot. Then there was this Cleaner who suddenly appeared and blocked my way I rushed through the table realising the horror of the half-eaten sandwich taken away by this janitor guy... has overwhelmed me with deep anxiety. The dude was cleaning and just stared at me with this blank expression on his face as he continues ravaging on my precious memento sandwich!! like its mine My cheeks turned red and blood rushes through my head I felt my heart pounded again and again with this traumatic experience i cannot forget.

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